Eten is een brug die mensen verbindt


De initiatiefnemers van Homesick Restaurant verzorgden 21 mei een eerste workshop ‘We are there and here’ in café Brûze op de campus van NHL Stenden.

Deelnemers met verschillende achtergronden en culturen deelden hun herinneringen en rituelen. Homesick Restaurant is een artistiek experiment waar eten en heimwee naar thuis centraal staat. Eten herinnert ons aan waar we vandaan komen. Het is onderdeel van onze basis behoefte. Eten is een brug die mensen verbindt.

English below the pictures


We are there and here

Firstly, we were there, called home/origin. And then, we’re here, a new living space/habitat. As “there and here” can be the place and the moment.
Food is the remembrance of our roots and origins. It is part of our basic needs; it articulates our identifications. This edition, “We are there and here”, is aiming to use food experience as a tool seeking the common ground within an unfamiliar environment toward the home feeling in any landscape. We are offering the space for driving through different memories where past and present experiences can combine together as a future.

Successfully, the first workshop happened in Bruze Cafe and in collaboration with Campus Connect on 21 May. The participants from different backgrounds and different cultures shared their memories and rituals in their cultures. Through food experience, we talked about the feeling of homesickness which is our common ground. Through Homesick Restaurant, we formed an artistic food experiment for experiencing struggles, vulnerability, and uncertainties. Food is a bridge, connecting us, as international residents, in a new landscape.