Homesick Restaurant

Samen koken en samen eten zorgt voor verbinding (Cooking and eating together to avoid loneliness)

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Twee internationale studenten, beide ver van huis, voelden zich weleens eenzaam. Dat gevoel van heimwee zetten ze van zich af door de gerechten van thuis, samen te koken en samen te eten. Het project richt zich met name op internationale studenten.

Homesick Restaurant is an event that focuses on not only on food but the whole journey of food experience to address the loneliness among international students in the Netherlands to bring in the home feeling in any unfamiliar environment throughout the shared moment of cooking and story-telling.

Food is more than just ingredients. In many cultures, especially Asians, food represents ways of living, memories, authenticity, and stories. And most of the time, food signifies a feeling of home. Sharing food means we share some connections with each other which are disappearing in our modern social context that leads to loneliness. In particular with the international students living in the Netherlands, they more or less undergo homesick feelings due to the nomadic experience, which causes disconnection and loneliness.


The project consists of 4 workshops:
1. May 7 14.00 -17.00
2. June 4 14.00 -17.00
3. July 2 14.00 -17.00
4. August 6 14.00 -17.00

Location not sure yet. More information on our website. 

Website: Homesick Restaurant — Lu Lin (

Instagram: @homesick_restaurant

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